Yn wyneb annifyrrwch cynifer o barchusion ein dyddiau ni wrth weld y to ifanc yn cymryd at dyfu barfau, nid drwg o beth a fydd ail-gyhoeddi’r llythyr od hwn gan Siôn Gymro. Daw o bapurau’r diweddar Barchedig R. G. Owen M.A., ac y mae wedi’i drosglwyddo i lyfrgell Coleg y Gogledd.

July 15, 1854

My Dear Sir,
You do not expect a note from me. Yet from a feeling of great respect for yourself I think it right in me to send you a line or two in reference to the animadversions which a great many of your neighbours make about the form which you make your Beard to assume. This, abstractedly considered, is a most trifling, unimportant affair. However, trifling as it is, it may be the means of impeding to a great extent your usefulness as a Christian Minister, and ultimately of destroying it altogether in an extensive sphere. This is no trifling business. Shall I beg you to ponder this subject in your mind, & to resolve to give no offence to your weaker brethren & sisters. I hope you are prepared to sacrifice every thing but principle and duty to your usefulness, and that you can not, for the world, sacrifice your usefulness to the form of your Beard. Excuse me for the Liberty I have taken, but I thought it necessary to write to you and state plainly the feeling there is in the neighbourhood of Bancyfelin and elsewhere about the matter.

I am. Dear Sir, very truly yours &c
J. Davies.”

Yr oedd Michael D. Jones yn un o’r ddau weinidog cyntaf yng Nghymru i wisgo barf laes. Ni newidiodd ddim ar ei farf er gwaethaf cais Siôn Gymro a bu byw i weld barfau’n dod yn hynod boblogaidd ymhlith gweinidogion a lleygwyr.

[Tudalen o’r Cofiadur yn 1973. Diolch i Andras am dynu fy sylw ato! Yn ogystal a perthyn i’r traddodiad Cristnogol cyfoethocaf ar wyneb daear rydym ni hefyd yn perthyn i’r traddodiad Cristnogol doniolaf!]

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