Yn ei lyfr ‘Culture and the Death of God’ mae’r beirniad llenyddol enwog Terry Eagleton yn dadlau mai plentyn siawns cyfalafiaeth a seciwlariaeth fodern ydi ffwndamentaliaeth ac nid plentyn crefydd per se. Mae’n un ffordd o ddeall sut mae ffwndamentaliaeth fodern, hyd yn oed ffwndamentaliaeth honedig Gristnogol yn edrych mor wahanol i wir ysbryd Iesu. Diddorol…

‘Western capitalism has managed to help spawn not only secularism but also fundamentalism, a most creditable feat of dialectics. Having slain the deity, it has now had a hand in restoring him to life, as a refuge and a strength for those who feel crushed by its own predatory politics. If it finds itself besieged from the outside by a murderous creed, it is also assailed from within by the rage and paranoia of those of its fundamentalist citizens left high and dry by its priorities. At the very moment when contemporary capitalism seemed to be moving into post-theological, post-metaphysical, post-ideological, even post-historical era, a wrathful God has once more raised his head, eager to protest that his obituary notice has been prematurely posted. The Almighty, it appears, was not safely nailed down in his coffin after all.’

Terry Eagleton, Culture and the Death of God, 198-199

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