Roeddw ni wrthi nawr yn sortio allan ffeiliau’r cyfrifiadur pan ddois ar draws dogfen nad oeddwn yn siwr beth oedd ynddo, ac wrth ei agor dois ar draws hwn ynddo:

“The Legislation is for None but Allah…”
[Qur’an – Surah Yusuf :40 – & – Surah al-An’am :57]

“And He(Allah) does not permit anyone to share in His Legislation”
[Qur’an – Surah al-Khaf :26]

”And those who do not Rule by whatever Allah has revealed are disbelievers(Kafiroon).” [Qur’an – Surah al-Maidah:44]

“O Prophet(Muhammad)! Keep your duty to Allah, and obey not the disbelievers and the hypocrites. Verily! Allah is the All-Knower, All-Wise”
[Qur’an – Surah al-Ahzab:1]

“…and if you obey them, you shall indeed be pagans(Mushrikun)” [Qur’an al-Ana’am:121]

Its a simple matter, you are either one of two camps Islam or Kufr.

It’s a case of whether a person believes a Man can be appointed to a Kufr Parliament and together with the rest of the MP’s Legislate Laws – A Right which belongs to Allah(swt) Alone.

So its either:

A: The Camp Of Islam – Who Believe Allah(swt) is the ONLY, EXCLUSIVE Legislator.

B: The Camp Of Kufr – Who Believe Man can Legislate, and we can trample on Allah’s(swt) Right, since Man knows better.

So simple, a child the age of 5 can figure it out.

I for one am not a believer in distributing Allah’s(swt) Attributes amongst the Creation.

Abu Musa.

An MP who swears allegiance to the Queen of England is a Kafir.

It is not permitted for a Muslim to “debate” in a Kufr Parliament (al-Majlis ash- Shayteen) whether to go to War or on Gay Rights…. Killing Innocent Muslims and Homosexuality are illegal according to Shari’ah! To ‘debate’ this is mocking Allah(swt) and it is forbidden to sit and participate in such a Majlis. These are called al-Majlis ash-Shayteen.

The alternative is to implement Shari’ah as best as possible in our individual lives and in our community. The Muslim Community must have unity, be able to earn Halal and invest in its own Community. In order that the Community stands on its own merit, should invest Muslim businesses, schools, community centres, advice centres, give sadaqah.

If Muslim have no power at state-level and are forbidden to share-power since Democracy is Kufr. Then Islam should exist in the Individual, the Home, and the Community. This way the Muslim Community then becomes an example to the rest of the Society.

If the Government still wants to kill Muslims, and arrest them… then we must make Hijrah to another country.

If the Muslims are successful in being a good example to Society, and they begin to embrace Islam in droves… then we can make a bid for real power.

No power-sharing, no mixing Islam and Kufr Laws, no Democracy… Just seize-power unchallenged.

We do not do this becuase “we must have an alternative”…

Having an alternative is not the objective of a Muslim.
A Muslim is placed on Earth to serve Allah(swt) Alone.

Muslims must establish Islamic Shari’ah on earth and spread it until the whole world is under Islamic Rule.

We must do this because we are ordered to by Allah(swt), not because we want this and that, or because ‘whats the alternative?’.

We must do this regardless of how difficult it is, how impossible one might feel fooled into believing it is, or regardless of the consequences and difficulties one may have trying to get the work done… even if it does not occur in ones lifetime.

What Muslims must not do, is comprimise Islam, mix it with Kufr laws or start participating in Kufr Ideologies like Democracy, Secualrism, Capitalism or Communism.

Islam is a complete sytem of life… Islam will Dominate the World even if the Infidels detest it.

I don’t hide it, I am not ashamed of it, that is part of my Belief, and we should all work for it.

Abu Musa.

Nawr, does dim syniad gyda fi o ble ddaeth hyn na sut ar wyneb dear mae wedi ffeindio ei ffordd i mewn i fy ffolder “dogfennau” sceri iawn!

Ypdêt: Dwi’n meddwl mae stwff wedi eu pastio oddi ar y wefan yma ydy nhw; ond does dim cof gyda mi o wneud hyn ond maen rhaid fod e run adeg ag oeddw ni’n siarad ar ‘Crefydd yn gwahanu, plaid yn uno?’ llynedd, hmmm – sut bynnag, yn dydy geiriau Abu Musa yn ddi-drugaredd… yn fwy di-drugaredd na fi fy hun hyd yn oed!

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