Just finished reading Easy Meat by Rachel Trezise. A short but deeply moving novel following the ordinary life of a working class young man in the South Wales valleys on an extraordinary day, the day of the Brexit vote in 2016!

Although it’s beautiful written the subject matter is very bleak. A novel that shows how late capitalism has hollowed out the soul of Wales and left nothing but desolation.

There wasn’t much hope in the novel, but sometimes the role of the prophet is just to lament, and Rachel Trezise does this masterfully as we find ourselves feeling deep empathy for Caleb.

Astonishingly, this powerful novel hasn’t shifted that many copies and Parthian Books – the publisher – has an offer that anyone who buys the book and don’t appreciate it can get their money back!

If only it was that easy for Caleb and the whole of Wales to claim back some hope for its future.

A good, if not emotionally challenging read.

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