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I’ve been blogging in Welsh, my first language, since 2004. My Welsh blog is and will always remain as my primary blog where I ramble on about life and faith as I will be doing on the English blog but also I’ll also delve into other interests I have such as Apple Computers, Greek Food and Welsh politics. But the English blog I will try and keep to the given subject of Life and Faith from a special and often neglected perspective in the wider Church. I’ll be blogging from a Welsh Language Christian perspective rather than the main-stream English or Anglo-American Christian perspective.

Some of the issues i hope to raise and discuss on the blog are as follows:

  • I will try and explain why we insist on keeping Welsh language churches going and why I believe we should be looking at planting new ones in the not so distant future.
  • I will strive to explain that the notion that Christian witness would be best served in Wales all united together in English Churches as everyone these days speak English as ill-informed dated colonialist thought.
  • I will explain why I am, along with most Welsh speaking Christians, involved in some way or the other in the Welsh nationalist movement. I will try and explain why such an aim as Welsh freedom or independence is a Christian one if correctly viewed in a wider body of theology.
  • I hope to explain to those on the outside some of the issues facing Welsh churches and Welsh language Christian witness and mission. I’ll praise and give a shout out to the good stuff that’s going on in Welsh circles; and I’ll try, gracefully, to point out the not so good aspects within the body of Welsh language Christianity.

Finally, I’d like to close by explaining that I have started the English blog so that the Church at large can get to appreciate the good stuff we’ve got going and to pray about the not so good stuff that’s going on. I have not “sold out” by ditching the Welsh language to write in English – as I explained my main blog will still be my Welsh one – but I do hope that through writing in English I will bring the Welsh language Christian voice to a larger audience and therefore be in the prayers of more and more Christians world-wide.

A Voice in the Welsh Wilderness – Life and Faith from a Welsh Language Christian perspective

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