Dwi wedi cal fy syfyrdanu wythnos yma gyda sylwadau adain dde, gul a rhagfarnllyd aelodau o fforwm drafod Gristnogol.

Am Gymru a’r Gymraeg:

“There are many things wrong with the world. We have to live for God, doing what we can with what we’ve got. Yes, it’s an unfortunate situation to be in, but why let that colour the way you are towards people, or the attitude you have towards people? At least you can still have services in English! I say make the most of it. “

“Im sorry but where do you get the idea that wales is being run against its will? Firstly, you pointed out earlier that only 25% of the population speak welsh, so 75% dont, therefore should we run things for the minority? the last time we did that was an absolute monarchy… “

Am y Gosb Eithaf:

rhywun dewr (nid fi!)…

“ive just looked at this post and i can’t believe my eyes. 71% of the CU are pro death penalty?! thats just sick.”

ar ymateb idddo….

“Why exactly is it sick that people have looked at scripture and come to the measured decision that the death penalty is acceptable? “

Dwi’n prysuro i ddweud nad ydw i’n uniaethu fy hun a’r bobl yma!

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